Missions2Asia is a holistic ministry  (a  missionsproject of  Harvest Ministries) started in 2012 by Lodi en Vivi Kuijvenhoven, after their visit to the  Living Waters Village in Borneo.

Lodi: “Since my encounter with Christ in 1984  I have experienced an inward calling for the people and nations in Asia. I am born Dutchg, but my wife Vivi orinates from Surabaya, Indonesië.”

Both Lodi and Vivi have met Christ between their 16th and 19th year of age and have always served God faithfully. Vivi has mainly been active with the chidren en women’s ministry, but also has a powerful word and prophetic ministry. Besides that Vivi is extraordinarily creative and like to get busy with her hands. Lodi has been mainly used in areas of ministyrbuidling, churchplanting, coaching and training of leaders, kingdom business, management, directorships of foundations and preaching.

Lodi & Vivi: “We hope that through this website you will get excited about what God is going to do in Asia and that you will also get inspired to step out in faith, having the assurance that Jesus is The  Way, The  Truth and The Life and He has come to give us life and that more abundantly. That is what we want to pass on in Asia.”

Lodi Kuijvenhoven