Since July 2013 we are actively involved on the Living Waters Village, project, founded by Ronny Heyboer, a village in the middle of the  Jungle of Borneo.

What started with 1 child is now a village with around 500 neglected, abused and orphaned children. Momentarily there is still a lot of construction going so 1000 neglected children can be sheltered, 2000 children can follow education from primary school till high school, accommodation will be available for volunteers, teachers,  a training center, a praise and worship center, a small hospital, a bible-school, a bakery, radio-station, workshop and much more.

Children that arrive in Living Waters from remote villages usually do not know much about hygiene, how to brush their teeth, how to use a toilet or how to behave in a group. All these things are taught in the Training Center. Besides receiving physical care and education, the children are also discipled and receive spiritual training. The young people are trained in such a way that they can return to their own tribes and villages to reach out in help and sharing the gospel of Gods grace and love to their own people.

An impression can be seen in the next 2 video’s:

Miracle in the Jungle

Flight over the village